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ICDM Inc. in Tallmadge, OH

Dave Brown (owner of ICDM) was referred to us by his brother who we also have done business with. Apparently they liked our services (we love referrals!) Anyway, their website was a bit old and dated (eventually even the best become dated) but more importantly did not truly reflect ICDM’s core business.

We worked closely with Dave to create a new website that looked like he wanted it to look and showcased what ICDM is all about and its capabilities. We also built in a feature-rich administrative backend that allows Dave to maintain News Articles, Meta data for the pages, Creations (uploading images and descriptions and automatically creating thumbnails), Line Card PDF upload, and all his emails that the forms can generate – all completely updateable by the end user so they are not chained to us (and so they can keep much of the content fresh).

This website, like many of Blue Tech Consulting LLC’s websites, was written in Ruby on Rails utilizing JQuery & MySQL. Hosting is also provided by Blue Tech Consulting LLC.

OTC Services Screenshot

OTC Services in Louisville, OH

OTC Services, after a split from MTC Transformers, needed their own website. As we already had a relationship with them from the systems-side of our business, it was a great fit for us to head up the project for their new website as well. We worked primarily with their president, Robert Ganser Jr. as well as a marketing firm (who provided much of the graphics and design input).

The website is built in Ruby on Rails with a MySQL database running on a Linux Apache webserver. JQuery handles the JavaScript and for the home page we went with a great tool from Dev7studios.

Besides the public-facing website, there are administrative back-end controls for page & menu info as well as for their news articles.

Coastal Pet Screenshot

Coastal Pet Products in Alliance, OH

Their main website is and they have been in business since 1968 – currently they are the "world's largest pet collar and lead manufacturer." They approached Blue Tech Consulting LLC in late 2010 with a need to open up their distributor ordering process to the Internet. Working with their in-house designers and AS400 developers, we built a website that allows their vast network of distributors to place and track orders.

This website hooks directly into their AS400 DB2 database and is built using Ruby on Rails, JQuery, and MySQL running on an in-house Linux server that Coastal staff maintains. In addition to the public-facing portions, an administrative back-end allows our customer to maintain the website. For instance, product images not maintained on the AS400 can be uploaded and automatically resized as appropriate, all from the admin portion of our website.

Unfortunately the website requires users to be registered distributors, so you cannot browse through and see what we built! If you wish for more details or are otherwise curious, contact us.

Bridgestone Print Screenshot

Bridgestone Print in Akron, OH

Bridgestone Print wanted a new website to assist in the sales and marketing of their Print & Mail business which they have been running for 27 years in their Data Center in Akron Ohio. Their previous website no longer served their needs and did not reflect their current business.

We created the look and feel for the website based on their existing marketing materials. That is crucial for their marketing to ensure a consistent branding.

The website was developed in Ruby on Rails 3 and uses a MySQL database.

Carnation Optical Screenshot

Carnation Optical in Alliance, OH

John Fussell of Carnation Optical in Alliance, OH needed his website updated. The old website, while a decent website by 2000 standards, was showing its age. John was very active in the design process of the new website and asked that the new website reflect the professional yet fun, family-oriented business that they run.

The website Blue Tech Consulting LLC created is a dynamic PHP website that follows current CSS and HTML standards to deliver a fun, clean, and informative website. Additional technologies employed in the website are AJAX, JavaScript (primarily jQuery) and Flash.

Additionally John's old website had virtually zero SEO optimization, a feature that was corrected in the new website.

Blue Tech Consulting Screenshot

Blue Tech Consulting LLC in Louisville, OH

Yes, we wrote our own website. No kidding.

We wanted a clean, professional, and easy to navigate website. The website is built with Adobe Flash, JavaScript, MySQL, and utilizes Ruby with Ruby on Rails, an MVC architecture (like CakePHP is to PHP) that takes a lot of the drudgery out of website development and allows for more rapid coding and thus savings for our customers.

More websites are soon to come! As of Oct 2012, we have one more Ruby website under development. Check back soon!

In addition to our website customers, we provide server and PC consulting services (both Windows and Linux) for various customers in manufacturing, transportation, finance, printing, and landscaping.